The Shingle Mill was built in 1913 by Brooks Bidlake, and was sold in the 1920's to "Doc" J.F. Jamieson. Howard Jameson was manager until he was succeeded by R. Nanson in 1934.  Homes grew up around the Shingle Mill and 'Doc' laid a steam line from the mill to the homes. Many fires later the Shingle Mill closed as a mill in the early 1950's.
The Shingle Mill was also the second home for Sam Sing, a respected business pioneer, who was the first merchant in Townsite. In 1923, after his profitable business was sold to the Powell River Company, he moved to the Shingle Mill.  He opened another business that included a grocery, butcher shop, general merchandise and bachelor accommodations.
Sam Sing died in 1937 and his thriving business was carried on by his sons. The Penny Profit store, the last one operated by one of his children, closed its doors in 1987. Some of Sing's grandchildren have remained in Powell River.
As well as the Shingle Mill there were other small shingle bolt companies up and down the lake.  Included are Olsen Landing, Goat Lake, as well as various camps operated by H. Nakamura who was interred in 1942 according to Federal Law.