Texada Island was well-used by First Nations Peoples in the past because of its rich natural resources. The Sliammon People's name for this island is Si yi yen.
Elaborate fishing weirs were set up to trap the fish that were abundant offshore. Game animals were also plentiful on the island.
Named 'Isla de Texada' in 1791, by Captain Narvaez, the island was known in the 1880s and 1890s as being the largest centre north of San Francisco. Fuelled by the mines producing gold, silver, copper and iron ore, Van Anda was a thriving community.
By the 1900s, the precious metals had petered out and iron ore and limestone mining continued. Today only limestone continues to be mined on Texada. Logging also has deep roots on this plentiful island. See Texada Island's website.