Wildwood is a community north of Powell River and Townsite that was settled by many of the Italian families that immigrated to Canada and came to Powell River. The district is known for its large, long plots of land, and has always been famous for its gardens.

Wildwood was given its name by pioneers clearing the land in 1914. Some later residents wanted to call it Wildwood Heights or Arbutus Heights, but the name Wildwood has remained.
The Sliammon people walked this area long before the first white loggers and their cross-cut saws harvested the virgin woods in 1900. Wildwood's real development started in 1914, when the government divided the area into homesteads of 40-60 acres. Crossing the river to develop the pre-emption, proved to be the incentive to build the first bridge at the foot of Cedar Street in 1916. Farms were developed, a school was built, stores started and Wildwood became a wonderful close knit community.