A poem by Gladys Cockrill

Powell River

Some came for a week, and
                some came for a year,
They suddenly found there was
                nothing so dear
As the friends that they made,
                and so much here to do
That they stayed and they
                stayed as we hope you will too.

There is Fishing and Hunting,
                and  Scenery  galore.
And boating right here at your
                front or back door.
With Lakes and with Mountains,
                and Sunsets so grand
We can’t find much more
 in the whole of our land.

There are sports of all kinds
                that are dear to your heart.
There is Dancing – Romancing
                takes quite a big part.
There are clubs here, and
                lodges to name just a few
Of the things here of interest,
                besides work, to do.

So, come to Powell River good
                friend and you’ll see
Just what it contains, that
                means so much to me.
Good homes for our children
                good times with our friends,
Many years has it been, and we hope it Ne’r Ends.


Gladys Cockrill