A poem by Nora McQuarrie

A Rainbow of Verse

I saw stars the other night.
It wasn’t such a pleasant sight,
I bumped into a door  you see,
And stars fell down and bounced on me.

One haughty star tried to impress,
With stately mein  and gaudy dress,
“My word, this world’s an awful mess,
“I’m going home or I’ll ruin my dress.”

And off she went, good as her word,
As swift and silent as a bird.
I didn’t care for that old dame,
And hope she went whence she came.

For the other ones were lively stars,
I’m sure there were a few from Mars,
That swaggered ‘round with lordly gait
And kicked their heels upon my pate.

But very soon this grew too tame,
And off they went to better game,
But ‘ere they vanished in the night,
They bounced once more with all their might.

The last star was a little one.
He looked at me and turned to run,
“We stars must stick together,” he said,
“We’ll see you again, when you bump your head.“

Nora McQuarrie