The Margaret Behr Collection. - - 1985-1986 –4cm of textual records.

In 1985 Margaret Behr along with Sandy Dunlop decided to publish and edit local Powell River authors and artists using a booklet format. They named this publication Kwusen, which is a Coast Salish word for ‘ star. ‘ To defray the costs they canvassed for advertisers. There were five magazines published between 1985 and 1986. The publication became dormant after the fall of 1986.

The collection consists of five literary magazines.

Series description available.

Title based on contents of collection.

Series: Publications.

The series consists of a publication named ‘Kwusen’. Five magazines hosting the works of local authors and artists were published between 1985 and 1986. The following individuals were published.

Alde, Ernalee
Beauchamp, Joy
Behr, Margaret
Behr, Towagh
Bennington, Mike
Bruhn, Hilary
Buchheimer, Amy
Buholzer, Brett
Butterfield, Alfred
Cameron, Ann
Chaikel, Neil
Condon, Teresa
Dan, Debbie
de Crecy
Dice Bob
Dionne, Colin
Dunlop, Sandy
Dunlop, Willow
Friedman, Michael
Furrer, Geraldine
Gasselin, Melanie
Gemmill, Will
Giesbrecht, Leah
Giles, Leah
Goldfarb, Al
Greenwood, Sarah
Hansen, Dagmar
Harding Ivy
Heppner, Darryl
Hopkins, Corine
Hunter, Courtney
Hunter, Russ
Jacques, Corry
Jee, Lorne
Jersak, Susan
Jobe, Caroline
Johnston, Jennifer
Lehti, Heather
Lyons, Caryl
MacKay, Don
Marx, Steve
Matterson, Mark
Mazurek, Matt
Milone, Bob
Mobley, Carla
Morrison, R.
Mortenson, Constance
Murphy, Angela
Murray, Yvonne
Nicholson, Teresa
Parsons, Derek
Pasion, Leonard
Paton, Laurien Anne
Penner, Jeffrey
Penner, Jeremy
Percy, Kevin
Picken, Pat
Potter-Ervington, Lucien
Reeve, Danika
Richards, John
Robb, Ron
Roberts, Lisa
Shields, Dennis
Southern Karen
Spierman, Gene
Stahnke Anna
Sulyma, Danyea
Walz, Eagle
Watson, Carla
Wiltse, Paul
Wingerter, Candice
Wuthrich, Lu
Zuccato, Jodie-L

Title is based on content of series.

Accession number 2012. 52

Fonds number: 170