Sheldon Brooks Collection. - - 1924-1935. - - 45 photographs, 1 piece of sulphite pulp

Sheldon ( ‘ Sam ‘ ) Brooks ( 1878-1946 ) was from the United States of America and was the son of one of the founders of the Powell River Company mill, Dwight Brooks. He worked for the Brooks –Scanlon Company at Minneapolis; Scanlon, Mississippi, and Kentwood, Louisiana. He traveled on inspection trips to Oregon, Louisianna, Florida and the Bahamas. In 1911 he joined the staff of the Powell River company and took over the logs buying and the management of the railway and timbering operations at Kingcome Inlet and all the other camps owned by the Company. During this time the subsidiary, Kingcome Navigation Company came into being and Brooks, supervised this as well. He married Greta McDonald of Vancouver. McDonald was the daughter of the Hon Mr. Justice W.A. McDonald. The couple had three children and the family lived in Vancouver. Brooks owned the yacht the ‘Greta M ‘. He died in Victoria, British Columbia

The fonds consists of a piece of sulphite pulp made by the Powell River Mill and a photograph album of 45 images of the Powell River Mill and surrounds.

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Photographs. - - 1924-1935. - - 45 photographs ( tinted )

The bound leather album with the images was donated to Mr. Brooks by the Staff of the Vancouver Head Office of the Powell River Company in 1935. The images were taken by Rod LeMay and Maud Lane of Powell River and Leonard Frank of Vancouver. The images are pasted on a single page and include images of the Powell River pulp and paper mill, Powell Lake, homes in the Townsite.

Title based on contents of series.

Sulphite Pulp. - - 1935. - - 1cm thickness

This piece of pulp has been embossed with the Powell River Company stamp.

Title based on contents of series.

Accession number: 2011.81
Fonds Number 150