Stanley Davies fonds. - - 1940-1972. - - 7cm of textual records.

Stanley Davies (1909 – 1994) came to Powell River in the 1930’s. Davies was working on the boats that came to Powell River and when his brother Fred moved to Powell River, Stan and his other brother, Hector, moved as well. Stan then worked in the Powell River Company garage. He was involved with the local.Air Raid Patrol during World War Two. He became a fire man and in 1946 was appointed the Powell River Company Fire Chief and held that position until 1976. Davies was also active in the BC Fire Chiefs Association. His only child, Gordon, predeceased him and his wife Kathleen died in 1998.

The fonds consists of the records of Stanley Davies. Includes correspondence, expense sheets, certificates and ephemera.

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Stanley Davies fonds

Correspondence. - - 1946-1972. - - 4cm of textual records.

The series consists of correspondence and includes letters from the Powlel River Company, the BC Attorney General, Harold Foley, Joe Foley and Women’s Auxiliary among others.

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Financial. - - 1953,1959. - - .5cm of textual records

The series consists of expense account sheets.

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Certificates. - - 1940 – 1971. - - 2cm of textual records.

The series includes certificates from The Rotary Club, St Johns Ambulance, BC Fire Marshall, Royal Canadian Air Force, Civil Defence, Red Cross, BC Fire Chief’s Association, Dept of National Defence and Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs.

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Ephemera. - - 1951-1955. - - .5 cm of textual records.

The series consists of Powell River Fire Department stickers, Municipal Volunteer Fire Department Code pamphlet, 1955 24
th Annual Banquet of the BC Fire Chiefs’ Association program, postcard and a list of the ‘Nineteeners Crib Club Schedule’

Title based on contents of series.