Domestic Devices Ltd. - - Prospectus – NIPPIN – 1924. - - 1cm of textual records.
Domestic Devices Ltd was incorporated in Vancouver on January 25 1924. The company purchased the invention for a new type of clothes peg named the NIPPIN. The patented device was a one-piece stamped metal clothes pin and the newly formed company wanted to manufacture them.
The fonds consists of material by Domestic Devices Ltd. Includes a prospectus explaining what a NIPPIN is and to invite investors to purchase shares.

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Series: - - Prospectus. NIPPIN. –1924 - - 1 cm of textual records.
The Propectus for the new NIPPIN, is a 15 page booklet defining what the newly designed clothes peg is, what it does and the cost of manufacturing them. It invites investors to purchase shares at $12.50 each. The estimated cost per dozen was 5 ½ cents. The company was planning to sell the NIPPINS around the world. Their slogan was: " The harder the wind blows the tighter the pin holds. "

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