Evanishen, John and Natalie Collection. - - 1936- 1939. - - 1cm of textual records. 96 photographs.

John ( August 1908 – May 1998 ) and Natalie ( nee Hawrysh) ( July 1912 – Aug 1997 ) Evanishen were married November 22 1931 in Hafford, Saskatchewan. They were both raised in Saskatchewan. John was a teacher and in 1936 he was given medical advice to quit teaching. The young couple moved to his parents’ farm. It was in the middle of the depression and when George Belyk, John’s brother in law, said that there was work in Powell River they moved to the coast. John worked in a garage as the bookkeeper, then was employed as a shingle bolt cutter, then in the Shingle Mill as well as working other odd jobs. Their son, Jerrold John, was born in 1937. Natalie took in boarders to help make ends meet and was a member of the well known Riverside Ladies softball team. John, a skilled musician, played in Bill Holden and His Orioles’ band. When Canada declared war on Germany in 1939, the family returned to Saskatchewan as John had been in the Canadian Army while attending Normal School, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

The collection consists of two manuscripts, one written by John and the other by Natalie about their years spent in Powell River, a photograph album with 95 images. one black and white photograph of Bill Holden’s band, recipe cards of ladies of Wildwood and the Shingle Mill and newspaper clippings.

Title based on contents of collection.

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1. Manuscripts. - - ? ? 1cm of textual records.

The manuscripts are typed memoirs of both John and Natalie Evanishen. They both chronicle there time in Powell River and tell of neighbours and incidents at work.

Title based on contents of series.

2. Recipe cards. - - 1937-1938. - - 15 cards.

The recipes cards are typed and handwritten index cards by Natalie’s family and friends. They include recipes for main dishes and desserts.

Title based on contents of series.

3. Photographs. - - 1930-1939. - - 96 photographs.

The series consists of black and white, and tinted photographs of John, Natalie,
Kindrachuk, Nick, Bill Holden and His Orioles Band, Frank Penonzic, the ‘Toklat’, Shirley Gratton, Belyk family, Riverside Ladies Baseball Team, Jerrold Evanishen, Shingle Mill, Wildwood, Red Shakle and others.

Title based on contents of series.

Accession number: 2011.77
Fonds 148