Joseph ‘ Pep’ Gentile Collection. – 1916 – 1945. - - 2 cm of textual records, 9 photographs.
Giuseppe ( Joseph ) ‘ Pep’ Gentile ( 1922 - ) was born in Mammola, Italy and with his Mother, Anna Maria Rosa, moved to Canada in 1924 to join his father who had come in 1921. (“ Pep “ is the diminutive of the Giuseppe ) His father, Nicodemo Jentile ( the spelling was changed by the Immigration Officers in New York ) came to Canada to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. They first lived in Chilliwack in British Columbia and later North Vancouver. In 1925 they moved to Powell River because of the work available at the Powell River Company’s pulp and paper mill. They initially settled in Riverside. The family were friendly with Giuseppe Gagliardi, Dominic Diana and John Minichiello ,a trio of fellow Italians who lived on Powell Lake and ran a farm, kept goats and in later years, sheep. As a child ‘ Pep’ lived on the farm every summer helping the men work the land and care for the animals. Pep’s family returned to North Vancouver in 1932 and Pep continued his schooling there. He was very active in soccer and played for school teams, returning every summer to help at the Gagliardi and Minichiello farms. After having worked as a riveter in the shipyards in North Vancouver at the beginning of World War 2, Pep joined the army. After the War Pep returned to the Powell Lake area where he cut shingle bolts, set a trap line and helped at the Gagliardi farm. After he had married Rita ( 1922-2007 ) in 1949, he started work in the pulp and paper mill first of all in the grinder room and later in the finishing room. He retired in 1987. Pep and Rita have had four children. Kevin ( 1951- ), Kim ( 1953-2004 ), Wayne ( 1956 - ) and Chris ( 1958 - )
The fonds consists of photographs and textual records collected by Pep Gentile
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1. Series:
Personal documents
Personal Documents . - - 1947 – 1960 . - - 2cm of textual records. [ photocopied ]
Series consists of death and birth certificates, naturalization documents , military and personal information pertaining to Gagliardi, Diana, Minichiello and Pep Gentile.
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2. Series:
Photographs: - - 1916 – 1947? - - 9 photographs
Series consists of photographs of the farms of Gagliardi and Minichiello and of Gagliardi, Minichiello and Diana, Pep Gentile, Mrs. John Minichiello and her daughter Emma, and the house at the Gagliardi farm.
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Accession number : 2013. 19
Fonds: 181