Bela Gorgenyi fonds. - - Manuscripts. –“ Sopron University ‘ - -1956- 1961,2007. - - 3cm of textual material.
Bela Gorgenyi ( ? 1936 - ) was born in Hungary, attended primary and secondary school and was accepted into the Forest Faculty of Sopron University. The Hungarian Revolution started in 1956 and when the Russian tanks reached Sopron, 291 students and faculty escaped on foot through their familiar forests to the Austrian border, five miles away. Canada’s Immigration Minister, Ian Pickersgill, made arrangement that the entire Forestry Faculty be accepted by the Faculty of Forestry at the University of BC. Because there was no immediate room for this group, arrangements were made by the Powell River Company manager, Russell Cooper and the MP for the area, James Sinclair, that the Sopron Forestry Faculty be housed in Powell River until such time that they could move to Vancouver. The students arrived in Powell River in January 2007, settled in the Riverside bunk houses and went on with their lessons, including the learning of English. The students moved to the UBC Forestry Dept in Sept 1957. In 1958 the diploma issued by UBC was the “Bachelor of Forestry Equivalent to Okleveles Edromernok” In 1961 the last of the original group graduated from UBC and in 1961 UBC established the ‘ University Sopron Memorial Fund.’
The fonds consists of research material done by Gorgenyi in formulating the history of the Forestry Faculty.
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Series: Manuscripts. - - 1956-2007 - - 3cm of textual records.

The five manuscripts are divided into five headings:
  1. Vancouver Varos Leveltaraban Keresgeltem: [photocopied ] –compiled January 4 2007 Includes a memo to the Forestry Industry Committee on Sopron Forestry Faculty from G.S. Allen. Searching the ARCHIVES at UBC ( 1956-1982 ) and includes Sopron File Parts 1 – 4, Alma Mater Society Files, Community Relations Box 30 and the N.A.M. McKenzie Files.
  2. Powell River, Our First Canadian Home( 1956-1957 ) –compiled February 4 2007
  3. Farwell to Powell River 1957 ( 1957 ) –compiled March 8 2007
  4. UBC Archives – Senate – Minutes of Meetings. ( 1956-1976 ) –compiled April 2007
  5. BC Loggers’ Association – Minutes of Meetings ( 1958 ) House of Commons Debates January 25 1957; Sopron Division at UBC An Early Evaluation a thesis written by C. Kruybosch and submitted in July 1958; ‘Talpra Magyar ‘ … gyerteck haza! From a German and Austrian newspaper ; Appendix B 1957. – compiled July 15 2007

Title based on contents of series.