Albert (Bert) E. Grundle Collection. - - 1929, 1941-1947 - - 1.5cm of textual records

Albert (Bert) E. Grundle (November 1
st 1920 – October 4 2010) was born in Coleman, Alberta. He moved to Powell River at the age of 5 and his family lived in various houses within the community. At nine years of age he was on the Roll of Honour at Brooks School for regularity and punctuality. After graduation from high school he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War and served in North Africa. Bert married Jean Mc Alpine, right after the war. They had three children, Sharyn, Ken and Doug. Jean died in 1977, and Bert remarried Lou Hall who had 2 sons. After the war he applied for and received a Certificate of Qualification for a house in the Lot 450 Group 1 veteran housing area in Cranberry. The house address is 6658 Drake Street and consists of Lot 7 which is the front property that is on Drake St. and Lot 14 which is the back lot. Dover Street divides the two lots. Grundle worked for the Powell River Company in the laboratory and then later when MacMillian Blodel took over the Mill he was transferred to Vancouver Head Office. He was  Co-ordinator of sales and manufacturing requirements at Powell River, his job was establishing quality control standards for new and existing groundwood paper grades, standards that are based on pressroom requirements. He spent years in pressrooms throughout the U.S. in both Technical Sales Service and Customer Service for MacMillan Bloedel. If there was problem with the newsprint that was sold to companies he would go and find out what the problem was and how to solve it. He retired in 1985.
The collection consists of records obtained by Mr. Grundle. It includes records pertaining to the purchasing of a house post WW 2 and certificates of achievement.
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6658 Drake Street. - - 1946-1947. - - 1 cm of textual records.
The series consists of records pertaining to 6658 Drake Street which was in D.L. 450, Group 1, plan 7173, Lots 7 & 14, Blk.54, New Westminster District. Grundle qualified for a house under the Soldier Settlement and Veterans Land Act.
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Certificates: - - 1929, 1941. - - .5 cm of textual records.
The series consists of a Roll of Honour from Brooks School, in 1929, for regularity and punctuality and Certificate of Competency of Minor To Operate a Motor-Vehicle.
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