Jack Hanna and Eva Mosely Collection. - - 1941-1953. - - 19.5 cm of textual records, 4 photographs
Jack Hanna ( 1914-1986 ) was born in San Diego,California in the United States. After his parents died he lived with his Uncle John and they moved to Canada in 1916. They moved to Powell River and after school Jack became a logger and wrester. They lived on the Westview Road on a homestead of 49 acres that was purchased by his Uncle.. His life’s partner, Eva Mosley, ( 1918 – 2009 ) was born on Saltspring Island to parents who had come to escape racial prejudice in the United States. Eva’s, mother, Martha ( nee Whims )moved her family to Powell River in the 1920’s. Hanna and Eva worked for the Powell River News/Town Crier for some time before starting their business of Quality Printers. They were active in the Powell River Co-operative Commonwealth Federation organization which was a precursor to the present National Democratic Party.
Collection consists of a collection of records from Hanna and Mosely estate.
Title based on contents of fonds.
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Correspondence. - - 1958 - .5cm of textual records.
The series consists of one carbon copy letter from Martha Mosley ( nee Whims ) to Director of Vital Statistics regarding a marriage certificate to George Thomas Mosley and a birth certificate for Grace Estelle Mosley.
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Publication. - - Quality Printers . - - 1949-1953. - - 8cm of textual records
Quality Printers ( 1948 – 1978 ) was founded by Jack Hanna and his partner Eva Mosley at 6801 Cranberry Street. Between 1949 and 1953 they produced a news sheet named ‘ The Buyers Guide’ which had some editorial content but was mainly advertising. This was a free district wide publication but eventually folded due to delivery consistency issues. Quality Printers also printed letter heads, envelopes, invoices, job sheets amongst other printing needs. They also printed Brooks School Annuals
The series consists of an incomplete set of the Buyer’s Guide. This was a free publication distributed district wide and consisted of ads and they often had an editorial content. Also includes Brooks School Annuals for 1943,1948, 1952,1953,1954 and THE TEXADAN school annual that the company printed. Also includes posters, announcements, tickets, progammes and menus.
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Powell River News/Town Crier series: 1941-1945. - - 10 cm of textual records.
The series consists of clippings from the Powell River News/Town Crier that were pasted onto sheets of lined exercise books. They represented the work that both Hanna and Mosley did when they both worked for Al Alsgard when he owned the newspapers. Hanna did the acid etching for the photographs and Mosley did the layout. Also includes Eva Mosley’s Job Books which chronicle their daily work.
Newspaper Clippings. - - 1945. - - 1cm of textual records.
The series consists of newspaper clippings primarily from American newspapers pertaining to the death of President Roosevelt as well as clippings pertaining to Saltspring Island and the black community.
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Photographs: - - 1942.. - - 4 photographs.
The series consists of black and white photographs. One photograph is of a grave of Ann Watson, died 1913, another is Sylvia and Peter 1942, Mimi and an unknown man.
Title based on contents of series.
Accession number: 2009.90 Fonds #102
2011.103. 6 – a seal to the Powell River Co-operative Commenwealth Federation
2013.45 – a family Bible with a genesis of the Whims family. ( Eva’s mother’s maiden name was Whim )
- letter from Martha Mosley to Dept of Vital Statistics.
- posters, announcements, tickets, progammes, menus