Christian Legault fonds: - - Manuscript. “ Community Influence on Schooling in the Stillwater Area 1920-1960.” - - 2cm of textual records.

Christian Legault ( - _ ) was born in Quebec and moved to Powell River in 1998. He teaches in Brooks High School. He wrote this essay for this Education courses at the University of British Columbia.
The fonds consists of an material written by Legault. Includes an essay.
Title based on contents of fonds.
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Series: Manuscript: ‘Community Influence on Schooling in the Stillwater Area 1920-1960. ‘ ‘ –2cm of textual material.
The series consists of an essay about Stillwater and Stillwater School. It includes Caldicotes
Cluff Alice, Evans Agnes, Flinn Mrs., Frolander Annie, Hollingworths ,Kennedy, Lambert, Barbara, Lang, Fred, Langs,, Lloyd Ina, Marvins ,McNair, Almer McRae, Dave McRae, Farquar, Millars, Paine Norah, Runnells Woodrow ,Smiths ,Templeton, G,Thompson, Bill Tweed, Waters, Westerlund Annie and Annie Bay School, Brooks School, Cameron Report, Frolander Bay, Powell River School District #47, PTA minutes, School Annual, Stillwater, Stillwater United School.
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