Lund Community Club Collection - - 1988 – 2010. - - 10 cm of textual records.

The Lund Community Club/Society was formed many years ago as an organization to work bring the people of Lund together for water, economic and social benefits. Complications arose after the Lund Hotel declared bankruptcy and the original Hall that was used for meetings and recreational purposes was lost to the wider community. Funds were raised and the Lund Gazebo was built but while a wonderful area for dances and outdoor events it was not suitable for winter meetings. The Lund School was acquired and that is where indoor activities are held. The Lund Community Club became a registered BC Society in 1991. The purposes of the Society are listed on their website:

The collection consists of publications ‘ The Barnacle ‘

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Lund Barnacle Newspaper . - - 1988 - 2013. [ not complete ] - - 15 cm of textual records.

The series consists the of first edition in 1988 and subsequent publications. Included are noteworthy news of the Lund area including the 1889-1998 Centennial, obituaries, births, weddings, fresh water concerns, breakwater issues, new buildings including Nancy’s Bakery, new private dwellings, the Lund Water Taxi , gardening, fire awareness and other items of interest.

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Included with this collection is an incomplete index of the Lund Barnacle.

Index to LUND BARNACLE (Bill T May 21/00)

101 Auto Jun/99 p11
4‑H Club Formed Spring/90 p10
Agriculture Update Summer/91 p17
Archives: Headlines From 1930s Sep/99 p10‑11
Art: Fader¬ Byroî _ Carver Sep/0 p11
Art: Lovewell¬ Jaî and Roî Robâ Aug/0 p8‑9
Art: Unger, Doug Jul/99 p11
Artifacts, Aboriginal, Business Jul/99 p10
Baggi Road: New Look Winter/91 p5
Bicycle Path Update Winter/91 p6
Regional Board Report Winter/91 p7
Bicycle Touring Oct/88 p1, 5
Bicycle Paths: Fall/90 p1, 9
Bliss: Raises Toteí Pole bù Jackie Timothù Sep/0 p14
Boat Launch: Geodesic, But Not Quite Sep/99 p7
Breaë and Enter iî Lund Sep/0 p6
Breakwater Inn Summer/89 p13
Breakwater, New Issue #16 Summer/93 p11
Breakwater Inn Fall/90 p3
Business directory in the Works Spring/91 p3
Business: T‑Shirts For Good Causes Sep/99 p4
Bus Service: Survey Deadline Spring/92 p5
BC Tel Land On The Block SumFall/94 p9
Calneck, Harry May/99 p3
Choir, Lund Community Spring/91 p27, Summer/91 p3
Choir, Lund Community Winter/91 p3
Churches: Lund Community Church Summer/90 p15
Church: Lund Church Offers Summer Camp and More Sep/99 p4
Clams Seized Spring/91 p11
Community Club Grounds May/99 p5
Community Hall Money Meter Spring/90 p15, Summer/90 p13
Community Hall Survey Complete Apr/99 p6
Community Hall, New, in Planning Stage Fall/89 p1, 6‑7, Spring/90 p8‑9
Cottonwood Campsite SumFall/94 p4
Craft Store Summer/90 p14
Craig Park Spring/97 p8
Craig Park Active Fall/89 p12
Craig Park Lund News Summer/88 p10
Crowther, Nancy Summer/91 p18
Diesel Spills Aug/99 p5
Disaster Plan Spring/92 p3
Diving and Kayaking May/99 p10
Entertainment: It's Improv Apr/00 p8
Environment: Lund Residents Fight Against Pesticide Use Apr/00 p7
Finn Bay (Notes on History) Issue #16 Summer/93 p5
Fire Department Orders New Truck Aug/99 p4
Fire Department Report Spring/93 p3
Fire Department, Northside Spring/90 p12
Fire Department, Volunteer Issue #16 Summer/93 p5
Fire Department, Volunteer May/99 p6
Fire Department, Volunteer Spring/97 p4
Fire Hall on Hold; New Trucks Planned Apr/99 p5
Fire Hall, Lund, Report Spring/93 p3
Fire: Lund Hotel Jun/99 p5
Fire: Wilde Road Jun/99 p5
Firefighting: NFVÄ Acquires Ne Equipmenô Aug/0 p5
Firehall Fall/90 p5
Firehall Report SumFall/94 p7
Fish Farming (John Keays) Oct/88 p1, 3
Fish: by John Keayes Spring/92 p12‑13
Food: Thoughts oî Food Aug/0 p14
Ford, Donald Oliver 1929‑1979 Spring/97 p4
Forests: by Jan Lovewell Spring/92 p14‑15
Gallery 101 Issue #16 Summer/93 p9
Gallery 101 Opens in Lund Fall/92 p4
Gallery: Owner Has New Role Sep/99 p7
Garbage Spring/91 p20
Garbage Summer/91 p8
Garbage (John Keays) Fall‑Winter/91/92 p14
Garbage Fall/90 p7
Gazebo Grounds May/99 p5
Gazebo Under Construction Apr/99 p6
Gazebo: Break‑In; Brick Trip Successful Jun/99 p4, Jul/99 p4
Gazebo: Work Parties Begin Again Sep/99 p5
Good Diving and Kayaking Aug/0 p18
Greenway Summer/91 p11
Greenway Update Fall/92 p5
Greenways Are Taking Off Summer/97 p19
Greenways Report Spring/97 p19
Greenways Report Summer/97 p7
Greenways Trail: Inches Toward Lund SumFall/94 p8, 17
Hanson, Ed Story Summer/97 p20
Harbour: Small Craft Harbours Spring/92 p5
Healthy Light of Spiritual Healing Aug/0 p18
Heffernan, Claire Summer/88 p6
Herbicide Protest Winter/91 p11
Hiker's Haveî _ Canada's Premier Goatpackers Sep/0 p10
History: Adrian Redford Apr/00 p9
History: Lund 1889‑1989 Supplement From PR News
History of Lund‑‑A Chronology Sep/99 p1
Home Brewinç Contesô Sep/0 p14
Hotel, Lund (Since 1889) Summer/97 p22
Hatchery Proposal Aug/0 p6
Hotel, Lund, Report Issue #16 Summer/93 p15
Hotel: Lund Hotel Report Spring/92 p3
Hunter, Sammy May/99 p3, Jun/99 p3
Iron Mines Issue #16 Summer/93 p4
Kayaking and Diving May/99 p10
Keays, John (fish farmer) Summer/88 p7
Landman Family Reunites in Lund Jul/99 p3
Lookout Fall/90 p7
Lund Provincial Emergency Programme Spring/97 p14
Lund Community Club Feb/89 p12
Lund Community Club Spring/91 p3
Lund Community Club Spring/97 p5
Lund Community Club Summer/89 p8
Lund Community Club Winter/91 p3
Lund Community Club Fall/92 p3
Lund Community Club Update Oct/88 p10
Lund Days 1999 Aug/99 p6‑7
Lund Hall Feb/89 p10
Lund Hotel Spring/93 p20
Lund Market and Ice Cream Parlor May/99 p11
Lund Reading Group Spring/97 p15
Lund Water district Summer/89 p4
Lund, Life In Spring/93 p12
Lund: Memories of '30s and '40s (Food for Thought) Summer/89 p12, 15
Lund 2001: by Bill Smith Spring/92 p21
Lund Breakwater Inn Fall/90 p3
Lund Choir Spring/92 p5
Lund Community Club: Creates Summer Student "Jobs" Apr/00 p1
Lund Community Club Spring/92 p3
Lund Days Aug/0 p1
Lund Days 200 Sep/0 p8‑9
Lund Educational Societù: Prepares for Cominç School Year Aug/0 p4
Lund Educational Society: Launches Ne Prograí Sep/0 p1
Lund Hotel: Plans Grand Opening Apr/00 p6
Lund Hotel Grand Re‑Openinç Aug/0 p7
Lund School: A Small School Bonus Lund News Summer/88 p1
Lund School Report SumFall/94 p1
Lund Youth Committee: Adventures Aug/0 p17
Lund Youth Committee: Adventures Sep/0 p12
Lund Youth In Action: Committee Formed Apr/00 p1
MacFronton, Shanti: Youth Challenge International Volunteer Apr/00 p1
MacFronton, Shanté: Letters Froí Aug/0 p15
McGuinty, Martin 1947‑1993 Spring/93 p3
Mill Emissions Sep/0 p6‑7
Millennium Countdown Sep/99 p1, 8‑9
Millennium Park Project Sep/99 p12
Music: Craig Road Park Festival SumFall/94 p16
Music: David Cox, Instrument Maker Sep/99 p14
Music: Gazebï Rocks Aug/0 p12
Music: Lund Choir Spring/92 p5
Okeover Fest Aug/99 p8
Okeover Fest Now at Gazebo Jul/99 p6
Okeover Incident Fall/92 p5
Okeover News Feb/89 p6
Okeover Summer Report Oct/88 p5
Oyster Co‑operative, New for Area C Apr/99 p4
Oyster Farming Summer/97 p4
Oyster Growers Concerned Oct/88 p12
Oyster Growing Fall/90 p16
Pollen & Co. Woolen Sweaters Feb/89 p9, Aug/99 p10
Portside Grill Opening Apr/99 p10
Post Office, Lund, May be in Jeopardy Jul/99 p3
Prawn Season Opens May/99 p1
Pumping Station Summer/91 p27
RCMP Visits LCC Aug/99 p5
Regional Board Fall‑Winter/91/92 p7
Regional Board Spring/90 p5, 14
Regional Board Report Fall/92 p7
Regional Board Report Feb/89 p3, Summer/89 p3
Regional Board Report Summer/91 p7
Regional Report Spring/91 p7
Regional Report Spring/93 p7
Regional Report: Spring/92 p7
Road, Powell River to Lund: Letter from 1924 Summer/89 p7
Roads: Lund Highway Widening Spring/90 p1
Roads: New Forest Service Road (Baggi Road Report) Spring/91 p5
Savary Folk Music Festival Summer/91 p5
Savary Gets Political Summer/97 p18
Savary Island Clam Project Spring/97 p15
Savary Report Oct/88 p10
Savary Island: A History SumFall/94 p14
Save Georgia Strait Alliance Fall/92 p16
Save Georgia Strait Program Summer/91 p6
Save Georgia Strait Update Fall‑Winter/91/92 p9
Schools: Brooks Grads 1997 Summer/97 p12‑13
Schools: Lund Grads Jul/99 p5
Schools: Lund School PAC Report Spring/97 p13
Schools: New Programs Fall/89 p7
Schools: Community And School Board Discuss Lund School Apr/00 p5
Schools: Harassment, A Problem For Today's Youth Apr/00 p4
School Report SumFall/94 p1
Sewage Management Summer/88 p4
Sewage Project Summer/90 p4
Sewage Management Study Lund News Summer/88 p4
Sewer Summer/91 p8
Sewer System: Proposed Update Spring/91 p9
Sewer Update Issue #16 Summer/93 p10
Shark Landed at Lund Dock Summer/88 p3
Shark Lund News Summer/88 p3
Shelfish Beach Kept Public Spring/91 p13
Shellfish Co‑op Building May/99 p4
Sliammon elders' Building Summer/91 p5
Sliammon News Spring/91 p22
Sliammon Probe Fall‑Winter/91/92 p6
Sliammon: Treaty Update Spring/97 p20
Sludge Disposal Plan Squashed Apr/99 p5
Sowah, Nii Armah Spring/93 p11
Spierman, Gene 1947‑1996 Spring/97 p9
Starboard Cafe Opens on Boardwalk Apr/99 p11
Stern, Alex 1950‑1991 Fall‑Winter/91/92 p8
Sunshine Coast Trail Jun/99 p7
Sunshine Coast Trail Spring/92 p9
Tennis court at Craig Park Summer/90 p7
TEXEM>AY Native Arts & Crafts Summer/91 p21
Theater: Lund Theatre Group Mounts New Production Jun/99 p9, Jul/99 p7
Transit (Paratransit) Summer/91 p10
Tug & Barge Crashes on Atrevida Beach Aug/99 p5
Voting in Lund Spring/91 p6
Waste Management Fall‑Winter/91/92 p10
Waste Management Summer/90 p4
Water Board Update May/99 p6
Water District Issue #16 Summer/93 p5
Water Taxi Sold Summer/88 p8Craig Park summer/88 p10
Waterfront Spring/97 p7
Watershed Zoning Proposal Lund News Summer/88 p4
Fish Farming Lund News Summer/88 p7
Waste Management Oct/88 p1, 8
Waterworks Fall/89 p3
Waterworks Oct/88 p3
Waterworks District, Lund Spring/97 p7
Waterworks Extension Summer/88 p3
Waterworks Lund News Summer/88 p3
Water Taxi Sold Lund News Summer/88 p6
Weise, David 1947‑1997 Summer/97 p4
Wharf Office, New, Almost Complete May/99 p4
Wolf Attack Spring/90 p10
Women's Group Spring/97 p5
Women's Needs Survey Fall‑Winter/91/92 p3
Woodlot Update Spring/97 p20
World Culture Comes to Lund Aug/99 p1
Zoning: Spring/92 p6