Lorraine Matheson fonds: - - Manuscript- ‘ Henderson School – A History from 1911-1936 ‘. - - 4 cm of textual records.

Lorraine Matheson ( 1944 - ) wrote this essay as a student at the University of Victoria for a course in History of Education. Born and raised in Powell River, Lorraine received her teaching degree and taught for some years in the Powell River School district.
The fonds consists of records of Matheson. Includes an essay: “ Henderson School – A History from 1911-1936.”
Title based on contents of fonds.
Series descripton available.

Series: Manuscript – ‘Henderson School – A History from 1911-1936. ‘ – 2cm of textual records.
The series is an essay about the history of Henderson School in the Townsite. Includes Powell River Company, Canadian Industrial Company Ltd, Sing Lee Building, Union Steam Ships, C.P.R.,
Andrew Henderson, Mrs. A.M. Oliver, J.P. Keyes, Mr. T.L. Buckton, E.A. Murdock, R.M. Lane, A. McKinney, Barbara Armour ( nee Fidler ), Miss A.M. Pamment, Wm McBain, R.H. Campbell, F. L. Murphy, Hellen Ruddick, W. Beale, Sophia ( Cis ) Macdonald, M.A. Cameron, Robert Bell-Irving, John R. MacIntyre, Jean Seater, Technical courses and development of the Home
Economics programme.
Title based on contents of series.