Richard McIntosh Collection. - - 1971-1972. - - 3.5 cm of textual records, 39 artifacts

Richard McIntosh with another diver Bob Briggs ( 1938 - 2014 ) dived off of Savary Island in the 1970's and found the remains of a vessel. Unsure of which vessel, a question was posed in the Vancouver Province. Response was sent to McIntosh and it was discovered that it was the Union Steamship 'Capilano '.

The ' Capilano' was fashioned in Glasgow, in 1891 shipped in pieces and reassembled at the Union shipyard in Vancouver. Length 120 feet, Breadth 22.2, Gross tons 231. Used as a collier ship between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, it was the first British vessel to sail from a B.C. port in the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897. Passenger licence was for 25 but was increased in 1897 for the service to Alaska.

The Union Steamship Capilano, with a crew of 18, foundered on Grant's Reef ( just off of Savary Island ) on October 2 1915. They were possibly on their way to Alaska. The vessel had hit a log earlier and had stopped at Van Anda on Texada Island to make sure all was well. With no apparent damage seen they continued on their way with disastrous results. All crew members were saved.

McIntosh and Briggs retrieved these artefacts in the 1970's.

The collection consists of letters, bills of lading and artifacts.

Title based on contents of collection.

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Series: Correspondence.
Correspondence: - - 1915, 1971 - 1972. - - 3cm of textual records.

The series consists of correspondence directed to McIntosh from the readers of the Vancouver Province newspaper to help him identify the wrecked vessel. Includes very fragile (mostly shredded ) bill of lading from the wreck.

Title based on contents of collection.

Clippings. - - 1971-1972. - - . 5cm of textual records.
The series consists of newspaper clippings from the Vancouver Province newspapers regarding the identification of the wreck.

Title based on contents of collection.

Artifacts. - - 1891-1915. - - 39 artifacts.

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Fonds 207

Accession number 2014.78