Stephen Melanson Collection. - - Photographs- - 1917-1918. - - 41 scanned images.

Stephen Melanson ( - ) lives in White Rock, B.C. One of his hobbies is collecting postcards. He knew that the USS Huron was part of the Powell River Company breakwater.

The collection is the collection by Stephen Melanson. Includes postcards.
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Series: - - Photographs- - 1917 – 1918. - - 41 scanned images
The series consists of the images USS South Dakota and crew when it was stationed in Halifax,New Brunswick.

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[ Archives note ]
She was renamed the USS Huron in 1920 and decommissioned in 1927. She was purchased by the Powell River Company in 1931 and was one of the first ships in the ship breakwater used by the Mill. In 1961 she slipped under the waves and settled to the bottom of the log pond. ( See the book: HULKS: The Breakwater Ships of Powell River, by John Campbell.)