Hubert Rushant Collection. - - 1909 – 2000. - - 29 photographs.

Hubert Rushant ( 1921 - ) was born in Vancouver to Charles and Hattie. Charles
Rushant moved to Powell River in 1910 and served during W.W. 1. He married
Hattie and they came to Powell River. Hubert was born in Powell River. After
attending school he took an apprenticeship in the Powell River Company pulp
and paper mill in the 1940's and worked in the sheet metal department. In 1945
he married June Cattermole ( 1919-2006 ) and they moved to Lund in 1947 where
he worked as a machinist at the Marine Machine shop. From 1949-1953 he went
logging and worked in the sheet metal business in the Powell River – Lund area.
He became a journeyman sheet metal worker in 1954 and returned to work at the
Powell River mill. He was made foreman of the sheet metal department in 1970.
He was the past president and member of the Lund Community Centre, the Past
President of the Lund Ratepayers Association, a member of the Chamber of
Commerce as well as being a director in Region A of the Powell River Regional
District. Hubert and June had five children, Margaret, Marie, Charles, Edward
and Donald.

The Collection consists of photographs of the Lund School.

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Photographs. - - 1909-2000 [ not complete ]. - - 29 photographs.
The series consist of photographs of pupils of the Lund School.
Some Lund School pupils mentioned are:

Meittinen, Carl
Meittinen, Yalme
Orpana, Hulda
Thulin, Harry
O'Connell, Miss
Goski, Ahti
Devito, Florence
Hanson, Vera
Thulin Gerald,
Goski, Ahti
Devito, Florence
Hanson, Vera
Thulin Gerald,
Backman, Lennea
Backman, Albin
Thulin, Ethyl
Meittinen, Henry

Mr. Moore

Title based on contents of series.

Accession number 2012.27

Fonds 176.

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