A.K.W. Smith Fonds - - 1995 . – 1cm of textual records.

A.K.W. ( Albert Kenneth Wattie ) Smith was born in Victoria, B.C. in 1912 His father was born in Prince Edward Island in 1877 and his family came to the Victoria region around 1886. His mother, Isabella was born in Victoria in 1881. In 1915 the A.K.W. Smith family moved to Lund to farm. They later moved to Lang Bay where his father worked as a carpenter at a local logging camp. They had a large garden and melded into the community. After the fire of 1921 and the big storm the same year the family moved to Vancouver but moved back to Lang Bay. Mr. Smith moved back to Vancouver to continue his education in 1934.

The collection consists of a book written by Mr. Smith chronicling the family’s time in the Powell River area.

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Book: - - 1995. - - 1cm of textual records.

The series consists of a book written by A.K.W. Smith in 1995 which tells the story of his family’s time in the Powell River Region. It includes their farming time in Lund and later after the move to Lang Bay, he tells of the fear of the 1921 storm and the large fire that swept through around that time. He includes the following people:

Simpkins, Bob
Stanley, Golden
Fletcher, Fred
Thulin, Fred
Pringle, Rev

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