David Craddick and Elizabeth Smith Family Collection - - 1920’s – 1958. - -2cm of textual records, 21 photographs.

David Craddick Smith ( 1884 – 1940 ) and Elizabeth Smith nee Webb ( 1889 - ) came to Powell River in the 1920’s from Red Cliff, Alberta where they owned a livery stable. Their son, David Lawson ( known as Lawson ) ( 1913 - ) was born in Alberta and it is thought that the other son, John Gordon( 1919- ) was born in Alberta as well. Their only daughter, Kathleen Mary,( 1925 - ) was born in Powell River. The three children went to school in Powell River. David worked in the Powell River Company pulp and paper mill and volunteered as the choir master at St. John’s United Church. They built a house in Mowat Bay in Cranberry. David Lawson started work in the Powell Stores as a butcher’s apprentice. He left Powell River in 1938 and moved to New Zealand. He returned to Powell River in 1955/56 with his wife Robina ( Bobbie ) and their two daughter Elizabeth Gael and Lynda Georgene. He worked for the electrical company Hume and Rumble putting in street lighting in the community. The girls attended Brooks High School and Max Cameron High School. Mrs. Smith worked in a Powell River department store. The family returned to New Zealand in April 1957. John Gordon Smith left Powell River to go in to the Army in 1942. After the war he remained in Vancouver and graduated from University of British Columbia with a Master of Science degree. After David Craddick’s death , in 1942 his wife, Elizabeth and his daughter Kathleen Mary returned to Alberta. Kathleen trained as a nurse/radiographer.
The collection consists of records compiled and collected by the Smith family. Includes personal documents , publications , photographs and crests.
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Series Description:
Personal Documents. - - - 1929,1957. - - .5 cm of textual records.
The series consists of a High School Entrance Certificate for Lawson David Smith in 1929 and a membership card for the Co-operative Commenwealth Federation ( C.C. F. ) political party for Mrs. David Lawson Smith.
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Publications - - 1956-1958 . - - .1.5 cm of textual records.
The series consists of two newspapers published by students at Max Cameron High School. Emcee and The Highlander. Both chronicle events at the school. Also included is the Emcee School Annual for 1956 – 1957 and a newspaper clipping about the departure from Powell River of Mrs. David Craddick Smith in 1942
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Photographs. - - 1930-1957. - - 21 photographs.
The series consists of photographs of the Smith family including their home on Mowat Bay Road, friends and students of Max Cameron High School.
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Crests: - - 1956-1957. – 2 crests.
The series consists of two fabric crests. One crest is that of the motto/logo of Max Cameron High School and the other is of the Tartanette Senior Girls Basketball team.
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