Memoirs of Johannes Adrianus Straathof . - - 1914 - ?2001 .. –- 2cm of textual records.

Johannes Adrianus Straathof ( 1914-? 2001 ) and his wife Marie ( ? 1915-2000 ) were born, raised and married in Holland. They lived near The Hague and helped run his brother’s dairy store. Their first of eleven children, Ann, was born in 1939 while the country was under Nazi occupation. In 1952 they immigrated with the first nine children to Canada under the sponsorship of Straathof’s brother in law Jack Van Leeuwen in Powell River. They first lived in Wildwood on Sutherland Ave and started a large garden between then and 1958. Straathof worked for the Powell River Company pulp and paper mill and in 1959 he moved to 4195 Westview Road in Westview and started his own flower nursery which then closed in 1967. He then worked for the School District #47 between 1973-1980. He retired at the age of 66. He started writing this memoir in the 1980’s.
The fonds consists of a typewritten, 44 pages of coil bound booklet .
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Series: Memoir. - - 1914-1998. - - 2cm of textual records
The series consists of Straathof’s memoirs about his life in Holland, immigrating to Canada in 1952 and his life in Powell River. Included are his wife, Marie, his children, Ann, Corry, Lia, Jack, , Pete, Polly, Willy, Trudy, Marian, John Jr. and Don; Olive Devaud, Bank of Montreal, Gordon German, World War 2, WW 2, Wildwood, farming, and nursery plants.
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