Rob Tremblay collection . – 1926-1978. - - 62 photographs.

The Rob Tremblay collection consist of images from the Egan and Tremblay family albums.

Frank ( Francis Aloysius ) (1883-1965 ) and Mary Elizabeth Egan ( 1890-1958 ) emigrated from England and they had three children, Jack, Jim and Jenny. Jack ( 1911-1986 ) was born in the United Kingdom, Jim in Montreal and Jenny in Alert Bay, B.C. In 1926 the Egan family arrived from Vancouver Island, settled down in a home built by Mr. Egan on Church Street in the Village of Cranbery Lake. In 1932 they cleared more land behind their house and opened the Egans General Store. The Egans opened their second grocery store in 1937 on Marine Ave in the Village of Westview. The also left the famly home and moved to Joyce Ave where they remained for many years. After closing their store on Marine Ave Mr. Egan opened a bike repair shop in their basement.

Jack Egan ( - ) married Effie ( nee Turner ) ( - 2003 ) and they had three children. Jim married Ethel ( nee Turner ) and they had two children. Two brothers married two sisters. Jenny married and had two children.

Jim enjoyed working with his hands. Amongst carpentry work, he built a couple of small row boats, one for his son Dan which he used when they holidayed at Lang Bay. Jim and Ethel first lived in Cranberry Lake and thereafter lived in the Townsite and Westview. Their daughter Sandra married Bill Tremblay in 1959 and had three children Pauline, Chris and Rob. Rob ( 1965 - ) was born in Powell River and with his wife, Denise, is self employed with their moving and storage business.

The collection consists of photographs.

Series description available.

Title base on contents of collection.


Photographs: - - 1920-1970. - - 62 photographs.

The series consists of members of the Egan family, the Egan store in Westview, Valentine mountain, their house on Maple, vehicles, outdoor scenes, Lang Bay, boats and others.

Title based on contents of series.

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