Abigail Zumwalt ( nee Wells ) - - 1954. - - 1cm of textual records.

Abigail Zumwalt ( nee Wells ) was born in Nebraska, USA. The family moved to Kansas and later Oregon to farm. Abigail married Bruce Zumwalt in Portland, Oregon. Bruce Zumwalt became the General Superintendent for the Powell River Company from 1912 – through to the mid 1930’s before the family returned to Oregon.

The collection includes a book written by Abigail Zumwalt. ‘ Trundle Tales.’

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Book - - 1925 . – 1cm of textual records.

The series consists of one book, “ Trundle Tales “ written by Abigail Zumwalt, nee Wells, in 1954. They are verses for small children.

Title based on contents of series.

Accession number 2015.62

Fonds 224